Frome, England

In the middle of a month backpacking through England and Scotland, I decided to take a break for financial reasons as well as the fact that I was beyond tired of moving constantly. I was torn between seeing as much as possible and saving money. I had already been a member of the WorkAway site and decided to start looking for hosts for about a week away. I found some place close to where I was at the time, Frome (pronounced ‘Froom’) England. It’s near Bath and Wells.

The  School House
The School House

They are a family of 5 with 2 guinea pigs, living out in the country renovating a 16th century school house into their home. The whole back half (2 floors) of the house was under construction, my job was to paint. For about 5 hours a day. And specifically I was doing all of the window/door frames/tight corners because I was pretty good at it. Who knew?!

The work itself was actually very relaxing and therapeutic. A typical day I’d wake up whenever I pleased, fix myself some breakfast, maybe read a bit and then get to work. I’d put my headphones on and just work away. Sometimes I’d chat with the other workers- one in particular loved to the sound of his own voice, but he was funny too. He kept asking me about the US government lock down happening at that time, all I could say was “uhhh you’re asking the wrong girl, I have no idea what’s going on!” People in Europe seem to know more about American politics than I do..oops!

We would have tea and biscuit breaks through out the day. By the end of my stay I was proud that my tea making skills, adding milk or sugar as desired, was approved by the British workers. I also had the joys of learning about British radio culture listening to Paul O’Grady and his alter ego Lily Savage on the radio. Really weird, and really hysterical.

We would have dinner together as a family, I’d help get the kids to bed and then most likely stay up a bit drinking wine chatting with the parents. I really enjoyed their company and lovely lifestyle.

Showing me around the farm!
Showing me around the farm!

The family was pretty amazing in general. They treated me like family immediately, cooked great food, and were really on top of making sure I had breaks and free time. They even took me on trips to the nearby cities. The kids were really sweet as well. I spent an afternoon hiking around an old rock quarry nearby with the 9 year old checking out the bones of quail(?) at the bottom. The kids would also ask me to speak in a British accent…turns out I have a HORRIBLE accent and the children got a good laugh out of that. Even the dad chimed in trying to help me out. No improvement.

I stayed for about 10 days. I made a really great connections with this family and I was sad to go. It was a wonderful experience, if a bit low key. What a beautiful place and a beautiful way to experience British life.

Here is the link to there page– it looks as though they are still looking for help.

the garden
the garden

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