About This Girl

How do I fill this section out without sounding lame?…impossible. I’m still fairly new to the world of travel and life in Europe in general. But bare with me while I learn and perhaps others can take something away from it, too. Most likely learning from my mistakes (because I make a lot), but hopefully some funny stories and good advice come out of it as well.

This Girl: I went to college as a dance performance major focusing on ballet and modern. Immediately after graduation I moved to the San Francisco Bay Area to pursue a career in dance and succeeded in the sense that I got to perform, and sometimes got paid. Then one magical summer I decided that dance was no longer the most important thing in my life. I decided to drop everything and travel.

Although I’ve traveled the U.S. fairly well, summer of 2012 I decided to put the only passion I’ve ever followed (dance) on hold to backpack through Europe and Morocco. I discovered a whole new side of me that enjoyed other things besides taking classes, going to rehearsals and performing. A year later I’m back again just starting a job as an Au Pair in Munich, Germany. No I don’t speak German, no I do not have a lot of patience with children but they do love me, yes the family speaks English, yes I took this job mainly so I could get a visa and travel as much as possible, no I have no idea what I want to do with my life afterwards (stop asking!). I think that about sums it up.

I’m always trying to convince people to stop doing the things that don’t make them happy; a job is a job and if something is really important to you you will find a way to make whatever it is you want to do work. Just do you and everything will be fine.

Here are some other posts that give a little insight into my awkward life:

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*All photos on the blog are mine unless otherwise stated


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