How to Have a Successful Bike Tour

Listen to your body. Learn when you are hungry, tired or over heated and act on it immediately.

Pay attention to how you react when things start getting hard. Realize it will affect your travel companions.

Take time after rides for yourself. Give time to cool off and relax, especially if big group decisions still have to be made that night.

Ask what your friends need when they are struggling or having a rough day. Don’t assume they want to be left alone, but don’t assume they want help either.

When something is bothering you speak up. Don’t be passive. You’re going to be spending a lot of time together.

Spend time off your bikes. Sit on a beach for a day. Go hiking. Explore a city. But definitely get out of the saddle.

Stretch. Often. Do pushups and core exercises. It will make a huge difference in the long run of your trip.

Eat healthy.

Just kidding- cookies and empanadas are the best fuel!

…Ok, maybe a little healthy and a little junky food culture is good.

Be open to your plans changing. You might get lost. The weather might be extreme. Your bodies might just be too tired. You might meet awesome people who want to buy you coffee and chat about your travels. Just let it happen. It’s all part of the adventure and stories for later.

Don’t be afraid to take some risks. Trust your gut if something feels unsafe, but sometimes going a little bit of of the way can have huge rewards.

Have fun! Enjoy the uphills and the downhills. Take pictures and videos. Look around you and appreciate the awesomeness you’re accomplishing right in that moment! Going on a bike tour will change your life, guaranteed.



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