Solo Travel vs. Travel with Friends

As travelers we come across many of the same situations and difficulties on  a regular basis. Some of these things need to be handled differently depending on if we are solo or with friends.

Here is my advice for how to manage in a few of these instances. Or maybe it’s just what I actually do…

1.) Becoming tired while exploring a city:

Friend: Keep walking as long as you can and when it feels like a sufficient amount of time has passed, casually throw out a “Hey wanna sit for a minute?” at the next bench you pass

Solo: Stop and sit on every 3rd bench you see because your feet frickin hurt!

2.) You have a major sweet tooth

SF Pride: I love funnel cake!

Friend: Have one local delicacy a day and maybe you and your friends also stop for a gelato together, at their suggestion of course

Solo: Gorge yourself in every bakery you pass and eat as much gelato as you want because let’s face it, it’s basically it’s own food group in Europe anyways

3.) You’re not sure if you want to go out drinking after a long day walking or just go to bed ASAP

3-way arm link Prost

Friend: Try to make it sound as much as possible that you want to go out and not be lame without actually being the one to rally and go

Solo: In a hostel with no bar? Bed it is. Hostel has a bar but there aren’t many people or everyone is being anti-social? Bed. No bar crawl that night? Definitely bed.

4.) You want to stop a get a beer, potentially at a time on, around, or before noon…

Friend: Mention in an off-hand way that you could use a beer, gage reaction from there. “Yeah, let’s totally wait until lunch” …*crap*


Solo: Find a cafe, probably get a pastry (sweet tooth kicking in again), and of course your alcoholic beverage of choice. Having a book to read and attempting to look as sophisticated as possible adds a nice touch

5.) You don’t know where to travel to next

Friend: Let them decide.

Solo: Keep rebooking at your present hostel until you finally hop on a bus and just go somewhere


Anyone else do things differently when they travel alone or with friends??


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