Feeding yourself while Backpacking

There is an age old problem- what do I eat while traveling and carrying all of my belongings on my back?

Once again, this idea started out as potential for giving good advice, and then I realized..it’s me. If anything this will just help you feel good about the choices YOU make while traveling.

Keep in mind I’m basing this off my own travels through Europe. I typically switch from hostels to Couch Surfing with occasional camping thrown in. And a lot of my trips are solo. I cook my dinner in hostels of pasta with an egg or sauce, drink my local beer/wine/cider and find a cozy corner to stuff my face hoping no one realizes how sad my dinner is.

Spanish Breakfast
Spanish Breakfast

If I am traveling for at least a few weeks I try to buy a few staples I can use everywhere. And while I always carry a water bottle, I started to bring some tea and/or instant coffee. Because I’m obsessed with hot beverages and can’t live without them. It’s not always necessary, but so far it’s helped me make friends in hostels sharing what I have.

Of course, wherever I go I always try to have at least 1 truly local meal. English breakfast, crepes for lunch, sausages for dinner, whatever it might be!


Also, European cafes WILL be my demise. Why is everything always so delicious??!


2 thoughts on “Feeding yourself while Backpacking”

  1. I usually survive the day on smoothies/trail mix/Cliff Bars and eat dinner at a local restaurant. Haven’t really tried my hand at cooking dinner at hostels/couch host’s place.


    1. That’s a good plan- when I’m not solo I eat at restaurants more often, too. But if the hostel has a good atmosphere then I have potential for friend-making if I eat there so I go for that:)


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