Meeting People on Couch Surfing

Every time I meet someone from Couch Surfing for the 1st time:

First 5 minutes: Introductions- where you’re from, how long you’ve been in Munich/traveling, what you do etc

10 minutes in: Awkward silences filled with one or two last lingering question about new ‘friend’

15 minutes in: abruptly start walking around Christmas markets or city/looking at drink menu at bar to fill silences. discuss topics related directly to that activity only

if you’re lucky…25 minutes in: start to relax a bit. get back to some personal questions and start telling stories about current situation/family/friends/your love of dogs

..jump to time when you want to go home: ‘well , wow it’s getting kind of late, yeah I think I’m gunna go, it was great meeting you. Yeah, yeah we should definitely hang out again. Ok bye *extends hand to shake* oh hug yeah ok good to meet you *awkward laugh* byyyye’


5 thoughts on “Meeting People on Couch Surfing”

    1. It’s definitely worth checking into! Even if you don’t want to surf, it’s still a good tool for meeting other travelers just to hang out and explore with. I will be making posts about my experiences- they’ve all been amazing!


  1. I have been to a lot of couchsurfing meetings (and yet I have never been a host or a guest) and I agree that they’re kind of awkward at first…it’s like a high-school reunion of “WE HAVE TO MEET”, instead of an organical gathering of friends, having said that, I’ve meet some very awesome friends in those meetings so I would definitely recommend them πŸ™‚


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